With its strong but relatively calm stream, the river Drava is a paradise for travelers, cyclists, fishers or anyone who wants to explore the old riverbeds with a boat. Lying next to the water, bathing on the island in the middle of the river, riding … Everyone who likes water, its smell and the slightly mystical environment of the river Drava, can attest to the fact, that the most beautiful and unspoilt part of the river Drava flows through our lands.


The lagoons are a nature reserve and a wetland of invaluable national and international importance because of the numerous endangered species of birds residing there. Here you will find peace and quiet and also beautiful views through your camera or through binoculars, placed on observatories. Beside the birds the reserve also has buffalos, which roam free and graze along the river banks. This is a paradise for ornithologists, nature lovers, lovers of peace, hikers and cyclist. Here you will also find well-kept riding paths. The reserve is managed by DOPPS - BirdLife Slovenia.