Jeruzalem wine route

The Jeruzalem wine route leads you among gently rolling hills, covered by beautiful sunlit vineyard terraces. It is particularly magical in autumn, when you are cheered on by the sounds of traditional wind-rattles ('klopotec') and welcomed by a colourful palette of warm spring colours of surrounding forests. The route presents you with magnificent views in every direction, which makes it the photographer's paradise.

The journey starts in Jeruzalem, where we stop in the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows. We continue towards a wine cottage, where we can stop and refresh in a well-known inn. Next, we pass a tourist farm with wafting the smell of excellent cooking. The journey takes us downwards into the valley but then quite quickly ascends up a hill. We slowly draw closer to the wonderful village of Svetinje, where we can cool off and refresh in the local wine-shops. On the last leg of the route, from Svetinje to Jeruzalem, we can stop and restore our energy in the restaurant Taverna. In its immediate vicinity, we can also explore the Malek vineyard cottage and taste various white wines of premium quality, produced by the vineyards we saw along the way.

On the way back, we are accompanied by the setting sun, slowly sinking behind the gentle wine-growing hills―and in that moment, you can truly see that time runs differently here...

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8 km
2,5 h

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