Ormož hiking trail

The Ormož hiking trail takes you on an exploration in the area of the municipalities of Ormož, Sveti Tomaž and Središče ob Dravi. It is perfect for anyone who loves nature, enjoys exercising in the fresh air, and appreciates the beautiful views of the vineyards, fields, meadows and woods. You can also take this trail by bike. Oh, and do not be surprised if you happen upon a goodhearted local who offers you a refreshment!

The Ormož hiking trail is about 64 kilometres long and leads you through different settlements in the municipalities of Ormož, Središče ob Dravi and Sveti Tomaž. The circular route traverses or brushes 50 different settlements, while the transversal route reaches with 9 additional settlements. The trail's description is divided into sections, in the direction from Ormož to Kog, Jeruzalem, Sveti Tomaž, Gomila, and then again back towards Ormož. In the section where our trail intersects the Pomurje hiking trail, please follow our direction signs or look for the acronym OPP (Ormoška planinska pot - Ormož hiking trail), so you do not stray off the path.

If you wish to take the trail in the opposite direction, follow the steps in the route's description from the end towards the beginning. The section of the trail which leads from Jeruzalem over Kog to Ormož and Cvetkovski vrh, coincides with the European Footpath E7. On this section, you can follow the description of the E7. The transversal route is approx. 10 kilometres long. The description lays out the part from Lahonci to Ormož.

Please, help yourselves with our descriptions, maps, and electronic devices, or ask the locals for any help with directions, this way you will not lose your way. We wish you a safe hike with many beautiful views and pleasant encounters!

You can ask the alpine association to provide you with a booklet containing the descriptions for all the hiking routes. The booklet also contains pages for mountaineering stamps.

64 km
2 days

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