Drava cycling route (Ptuj–Ormož–Varaždin)

Classified under the international code R1, the Drava cycling route is one of the most beautiful cycling routes in Europe with regards to its natural beauty and cultural diversity. In total, the R1 is 710km long. It starts in Italy and then continues through Austrian Carinthia to Slovenia. The route leads through the towns of Dravograd, Maribor and Ptuj, and continues all the way to the town of Ormož, to the Slovenian-Croatian border and further to the town of Varaždin, and then reaches its end in the town of Legrad.

The route follows organized cycle lanes and tracks as well as low-traffic roads. Due to the different types of road surface and a difficult climb, the Slovenian part of the trail is suitable for experienced and well-prepared cyclists. Trekking or mountain bikes are recommended.


The Drava cycling route has become one of the most visited bike routes in our region. It is particularly becoming on hot summer days, as it gives you a chance to unwind and provides a refreshing shade here and there. We strive, together with all the participants (the municipalities and the state), to fit, renovate and organize the entire Drava cycling route until 2023, enabling you to have a truly comfortable and pleasant cycling experience.

58 km
total climb
8858 m
total descent
11328 m

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