Destination Jeruzalem Slovenija unites three municipalities of the Prlekija region: Ormož, Sveti Tomaž and Središče ob Dravi. It invites you to experience the magic of this pristine, well-preserved bit of nature, featuring the most magnificent sunrises and sunsets which you can observe from the vineyard-covered terraced hills with a glass of good wine in one hand and a plate of pogača, tünka and pumpkin oil in the other...

Experience nature and all its amazing sounds: the chirping and singing of the birds, the bubbling and buzzing on the banks of River Drava, and the chanting of klopotci in the vineyards. Discover this unique part of Slovenia where you will find an exciting combination of tradition, culture, history, excellent cuisine, wines for all tastes, fresh produce, masterly handicraft, and unforgettable adventures.

The most attractive and popular tourist trail is definitely the wine route, which showcases the wondrous landscape of Jeruzalem. On the route, you have the opportunity to visit several winemakers and taste various wines, including the renowned traditional domesticated variety Šipon.

Combined with several perfect spots for hiking, cycling, horse-riding and birdwatching, such as the castles of Velika Nedelja and Ormož, the Ormož Basins nature reserve, and the meanders of the old Drava river, Jeruzalem Slovenija is guaranteed to provide you with amazing adventures and unforgettable memories. The destination is also a perfect place for those who enjoy travelling with campervans or camper trailers, while the excellent offer of tourist farms has already been attracting guests from all over the world for the past ten years.

We hope you will be also enthused by our temperament, evolved through a turbulent history and long centuries, when various influences of the east, west, north, and south mixed in our land.

Welcome - when you visit us, you will see that time runs differently here...



Grajski trg 3, 2270 Ormož
+386 (0)51 634 311, +386 (0)2 741 53 56



Savci 65, 2258 Sveti Tomaž
+386 (0)2 719 50 64



Trg talcev 4, 2277 Središče ob Dravi
+386 (0)2 741 66 10