Time runs differently here



Discover Jeruzalem

In the land of Šipon and excellent wines

Hundreds of hills covered in vineyards, on their tops poplar trees, which we call palms, hamlets, lonely houses, a church here and there, and old nobility houses - manors, which with their large old...

River Drava

With its strong but relatively calm stream, the river Drava is a paradise for travelers, cyclists, fishers or anyone who wants to explore the old riverbeds with a boat. Lying next to the water, bathing...

Wake up to the most beautiful sunrises


In a wonderful place like this, you will certainly want to stay for a few days. With that in mind, Destination Jeruzalem Slovenia offers various lovely accommodations, where you are able to feel at home and cosy in the warm embrace of nature.

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Collective trademark

JERUZALEM SLOVENIJA is a trademark featuring local high quality products which convey the story of Prlekija and the sense of home and generosity, in a manner that the local residents experience and live. The collective trademark Jeruzalem Slovenija is awarded to the most exquisite products and is thus an indicator of superior quality.