Nature reserve Ormož Basins

The Ormož Basins are a 55-hectare wetland area and nature reserve located in the ecosystem of the River Drava next to Ormož Lake. It consists of shallow pools with reeds and sedges surrounded by the flood forest. The wetland is an area of exceptional national and international importance for the numerous endangered bird species. These lagoons were formed in the area of the former sugar factory deposit site in the vicinity of the channel of the River Drava. This is an interesting place that provides peace and splendid views through the camera or binoculars installed in observation points. Besides the numerous bird species, you might also notice water buffalo that live freely in the wild and graze on river banks.  This is a paradise for ornithologists, nature and peace lovers, hikers, and cyclists and also includes well-arranged horseback riding trails.

Naravni rezervat Ormoške lagune
Frankovci 53, 2270 Ormož
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